A downloadable game for Windows

Hi! We are Distinct Games and this is our very first game Jam!(Well, the first one in which we actually got to a point where we were ready to submit anything HAHA). 

This game is a VERY short top-down 2D shooter where the player must defeat all 12 enemies in order to light up all 12 numbers of the great clock and save time itself!

Just click to shoot and let us take a few minutes of your time. We really hope you like it! HAVE FUN AND PLEASE GIVE LOTS OF FEEDBACK BECAUSE I KNOW WE NEED IT!!!


Art: RyanSnopp#6743(Discord) , çer3z#8725(Discord)

Programming:RyanSnopp#6743(Discord), TallKid#8299(Discord)

SFX Design: RyanSnopp#6743(Discord)

Music: Fireflew(SoundCloud)

Putting it all together in Unity:  RyanSnopp#6743(Discord)

Listen To the OST here!: https://soundcloud.com/pabalt/sets/crono-ost 


Crono.zip 25 MB


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I loved this soundtrack. Great game.



good game